domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2016

Unit 2 porfolio:Life in the 60s

My grandfather from my father  was 22 years old in 1960. He liked the 1960s. Lots of things were very different then.The fashion  were different, the music and the food...My grandfather Rogelio wore a Guardia Civil uniform, a tricorn, a long trousers. He didn’t wear comfortable shoes, only boots.

He could enjoy himself when he went to his little village in Burgos in holidays. It hadn't a lots of things to enjoy except the parties with the friends. He learned to write with  a typewriter to promote in his career.

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Unit 1 Porfolio: Our favorite celebrities and hobbies

                                  Our favorite celebrities and hobbies

                                                  Andres Iniesta

My favourite celebrity is Andres Iniesta. He's a football player, he has got a lot of medals.

His hobbies are: play tennis, play playmobils, act as an actor in movies of pirates and ride a Bike.

Iniesta likes dogs very much , play fronton but he doesn't like really math and english.
He love playing football.